DAY 114 – 22nd October – Tuesday – SAN FRANCISCO

A walking day today in Golden Gate Park and boy did we walk. Bernie has downloaded the muni-app which makes using the municipal transport system easier and more importantly, cheaper. We catch a No 3 bus a short walk away from the apartment in Sutter Street to Laurel Heights where we could have caught another Read More

DAY 113 – 21st October – Monday – SAN FRANCISCO

We book a combo tour of Alcatraz, “The Rock”, and Angel Island to explore the dark history of the infamous prison and the immigration and military history of Angel Island. On the way Bernie is convinced that he has seen a surfer or skateboarder in the large, modern steel sculpture we pass on the way Read More

DAY 112 – 20th October – Sunday – SAN FRANCISCO

Our unit 301A Powell place, Powell Street, San Francisco. Our welcome last night is a Halloween bedecked reception area. The unit is a cocoon of luxurious comfort. Powell Place is situated on a very steep hill as only San Francisco can make them. We can hear the bells of the trams below. Happily, we’re feeling Read More

DAY 111 – 19th October – Saturday – SAN SIMEON TO SAN FRANCISCO

Next up after San Simeon is the largest seal rookery on the west coast, the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal rookery. What do elephant seals do really well, pretty much nothing, actually? I shouldn’t malign these gentle looking creatures. They are the largest seals found in the northern hemisphere, adult males can reach 5-metres in length Read More

DAY 110 – 18th October – Friday – SAN DIEGO TO SAN SIMEON

Having packed the night before, we rise early, skip coffee and we’re on the road by 4-am. The reason – to miss the morning traffic going through Los Angeles. It almost works but it’s a bit like trying to find a good time to go through Gilloolys – you can’t! We take a couple of Read More

DAY 109 -17th October – Thursday – SAN DIEGO

USS MIDWAY REVISITED It was a busy day yesterday and sometimes one forgets things that happen. Our visit to USS Midway has led to a desire to watch “TOP GUN” again. We sat in Maverick’s simulator, visited the ‘Mission Briefing Rooms” with Tomcat. One could almost hear Iceman berating Maverick for his reckless flying technique, Read More

DAY 108 – 16th October – Wednesday – SAN DIEGO

The plan – Birding in the early morning followed by Balboa Park for Martie, lunch in Little Italy, a joint effort and the USS Midway Museum for Bernie. BIRDING We arrive at the Kendall-Frost Mission reserve, to find this research area closed. However, through the fences preserving the salt marsh and further along on the Read More

DAY 107 – 15th October – Tuesday – THE REST OF THE DAY

Having disposed of Route 66 we continue up the coast on a portion of Highway 1, designated Malibu Village Drive. We proceed for about 6-miles but conscious of time and what we still plan to do on our return journey we turn around and head for Laguna Beach. We discover afterwards that we were only Read More

DAY 107 – 15th October – Tuesday – ROUTE 66 DONE AND DUSTED!

Call us mad – we’ll answer, “we are”! Solana Beach to Santa Monica Pier on the I-5 going north to Santa Anna to say goodbye to Route 66. It takes us 2:30 hours to drive from Solana Beach to Los Angeles. Not particularly interesting or scenic, just terrifying once we hit the 8-lane highway! It Read More

DAY 106 – 14th October – Monday – SAN DIEGO

TORREY PINES STATE PARK This is why we’re going there. And this is what a Torrey Pine looks like. Our visit starts badly with us parking near the marsh in the wrong parking lot – after paying the $8 fee Bernie McScrooge isn’t moving for anyone. Our mistake, however, proves beneficial because as we walk Read More

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