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DAY 134 – 11th November – Monday – WELCHES, NORTH OREGON

A DAY REVISTED Bernie’s a bit peeved that he dipped out on a photo of the American Dipper and would like another dip at it. We venture down to the Salmon River along the golf-cart path that circumnavigates the 9-hole Foxglove golf course in the middle of our complex. Then we see it – not Read More

DAY 133 10th November – Sunday – WELCHES, NORTH OREGON

MOUNT HOOD, TIMBERLINE LODGE We’ve enjoyed exceptionally good weather almost everywhere we’ve been, in fact unseasonably good. Perhaps a little rain here and there where visibility marred a day or two but on the whole nothing to complain about. Today, however, the cloud hangs low in the sky, threatening our planned visit to Mount Hood. Read More

DAY 132 9th November – Saturday – WELCHES, NORTH OREGON

THE SALMON RIVER TRAIL Our morning is in the light and our afternoon is in the dark? And the Sheriff knows we’re in town. A Salmon River trail suggested by the timeshare reception takes us past the golf course and down to the river but proves not to be the real deal, so we’ll have Read More

DAY 131 – 8th November – Friday – WELCHES, NORTH OREGON

If we’re not staying, we must be translocating? If we’re packing, we must be translocating? If we’re eating the last of the leftovers for breakfast, we must be translocating? If we’re handing in the keys to the apartment, we must be translocating? If we’re driving out of the “The Ridge”, we must be translocating? The Read More


On getting into our car this morning we reflect on how lucky we are to have purchased our timeshare 30 years ago. Over the years it has given us many memorable “exchange” holidays through RCI including our current location at Unit 14, The Ridge, Sunriver. BEND has wide views across to the scenic Cascade Range. Read More

DAY 129 – 6th November – Wednesday – SUNRIVER, CENTRAL OREGON

The days are shorter and darker, and it stays cold until midday. Snow poles are being inserted on the edges of the roads that will remain open, snow ploughs are being tested, road closure signs and barriers are being put in place, irrelevant signage for the winter season is covered in layers of thick plastic, Read More

DAY 128 – 5th November – Tuesday – SUN RIVER, CENTRAL OREGON

We start the day with a nice long WhatsApp chat to “Kooks”, Katy, who is still on the Kenyan coast. The normal bit of morning admin catching up on emails and family group chats and then off to Bend Info centre to make sure where we plan to go is open. This is the season Read More

DAY 127 4th November – Monday – SUN RIVER, CENTRAL OREGON

We have a leisurely morning and go to Newberry National Volcanic Monument after lunch. We like living dangerously – at this Park we are in the middle of a 500-square mile active volcano. Lava flows as recent as 1,300 years ago cover 1,200 square miles. Debri from some of its most violent belchings and eruptions Read More

DAY 126 – 3rd November – Sunday – SUNRIVER, CENTRAL OREGON

Today we are on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. Oregon’s numerous scenic byways showcase the diversity of this wonderful state. We can’t travel all of them, nor can we travel some of them in their entirety, but the allure of their grandeur motivates us to do our best. We travel past beautiful alpine lakes, snow-capped Read More

DAY 125 – 2nd November – Saturday – BOKKE, BOKKE, BOKKE

TODAY IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE WE ARE IT’S JUST GO BOKKE GO! There’s a corollary to Murphy’s law in here somewhere – probably “things are never as easy as they may seem”. We have established that channel 27 on our TV will be screening the RWC final live – good so far. Stumbling block number Read More

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